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"Money Mindset Solutions: Five Ways to Transform Your Finances Now"

with award-winning Author, Coach, and Speaker,
Laura Adams, Money Girl

Laura Adams Money Girl
Laura Adams, Money Girl  
Personal Finance Expert, Award-Winning Author,
Coach, and Speaker 

To get ahead financially you have to take ACTION. Most people know that they need to be taking better care of their money, but they just aren't doing it--
they're stuck

If you're at a place in your financial life where you could use a little nudge in the right direction (or a giant push!), you'll want to hear the recording of this live call.

Discover practical and actionable tools you can use to identity self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back from being a better money manager in this FREE teleseminar REPLAY RECORDING.

Why a Free Teleseminar?

I've been pleasantly surprised that the chapter in my new
award-winning book, Money Girl's Smart Moves To Grow Rich,
Money Girl's Smart Moves to Grow Rich
that's gotten the biggest response is called
"What's Your Money Mindset?"

Many people have told me that this chapter got them thinking deeply about the real reasons why they're struggling or feeling frustrated. So I wanted to explore the topic of Money Mindset with you and offer concrete solutions for how to improve it. What we'll cover are specific techiques that have worked for me personally and for my one-on-one coaching clients.

Why is Money Mindset Important?

Your Money Mindset is your psychology about and relationship to money. It's so important because your thoughts turn into actions. An unhealthy Money Mindset causes you to make excuses and rationalize bad moves that keep you stuck in poor patterns of behavior--even if you're an intelligent person with great income!

Maybe you've asked yourself:

"Why do I keep overspending every month?"
"How did I get into so much credit card debt?"
"Why am I getting hit with so many late charges and overdraft fees?"
"Why can't I seem to save more for my future?"
"How can I create a realistic budget and really stick to it?"
"Why aren't I doing what I know I should be doing with my money?"

These are just a few indications that ego, impatience, anger, or fear might be taking over your finances and that you need a new tool to leave them behind and start with a clean slate.

Here's what I cover on the call: 

  • 5 actionable tools you can use right away to transform your financial life
  • Clever methods for real change that have worked for my coaching clients and for me personally 
  • How to move past years or decades of ingrained bad financial behaviors
  • 2 key reasons why many people stay stuck in a poor money mindset and never build as much wealth as they could
  • How to make fundamental, deep changes that stick for good
  • What's required to create the right financial goals that motivate you to take action
  • And much more!

Financial Freedom

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